OtherĀ Stakeholders


We work with companies involved in the jewellery and retail sector, as well as organisations concerned with consumer demand and marketing of diamonds. We help these companies in the areas of market research, brand development, upstream integration and sourcing strategy. We are experienced in designing and undertaking research work, including complex primary research studies, and applying sophisticated analytical techniques to data gathered.

Service companies

We work for companies who offer services to the diamond industry, such as gemmological laboratories. We leverage our industry expertise to help these businesses develop products and services that meet complex and fast-changing market requirements, and maximise commercial potential. We also work with them to develop the operational capability to support new products and devise impactful and cost-effective marketing strategies.

Industry-wide stakeholders

Gemdax partners are recognised moderators for international sector events and participate in industry expert panel discussions and think-tanks. We have also worked for major diamond centres in the development of their growth strategies. Such projects consider the impact of changing global industry factors on the centre, as well as broader stakeholder needs and socio-economic objectives. This analysis feeds into the development of a robust future plan and practical execution strategy.