Midstream and Broking

We work in close collaboration with clients in the midstream diamond pipeline, providing support and vital industry insight to diamantaires. We take pride in our role as trusted advisors, constantly striving to help our clients meet their strategic goals. Midstream players face sustained pressure on margins, and our aim is to generate increased pipeline profitability without adding to the cost burden. We do this in numerous ways, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Consulting Services

Since our establishment, we have had a front-row seat to the changes affecting the diamond pipeline. Gemdax therefore thoroughly understands the industry and its workings, as well as the issues it faces. Because of our depth of knowledge, Gemdax can help midstream players and diamantaires drive profitability across various aspects of their business. Our clients are market leaders in their domain. With their talent and credentials, they have the potential to shape a prosperous and sustainable future for the diamond industry. We aim to strengthen these businesses and support their growth.

Strategic review – We undertake overall strategic reviews, provide input on appropriate organisational structure and help with the implementation of recommendations. An important part of this involves analysing and understanding how our clients’ businesses work. We also provide guidance on and solutions to specific issues they face, as well as broader industry changes that impact them. For strategic plans to be effective and have lasting impact, they have to be built on a solid foundation. Gemdax provides critical insight, bold ideas, unbiased feedback and data-driven analysis to ensure our clients develop winning and long-term strategies.

Financial planning – Our experience in the financial sector and our strong analytical capabilities mean that we can help our clients scrutinise financial and operational data effectively, as well as develop cash flow models and other forecasts. By doing so, we strengthen our clients’ financial planning processes and help them improve their performance.

Rough sourcing analysis – Rough sourcing is a crucial aspect of a diamantaire’s business. We help our clients develop cohesive rough procurement strategies and work with them to identify and access rough sources that are aligned with their particular business requirements.

Marketing and stakeholder communication – We help our clients with their marketing and stakeholder communication strategy. An effective strategy is important to ensure that the various stakeholders receive information relevant to their needs and inculcates positive attitudes that help our clients achieve their aims.

De Beers Brokerage Services

Gemdax is a recognised broker for De Beers supply. We have brought a new and creative vision to this role, through facilitation of the relationship between De Beers and their Sightholders and Accredited Buyers. Our unique philosophy hinges on the establishment of fruitful, long-term partnerships that ensure greater commercial returns for all involved. Working independently of De Beers, Gemdax works to support the diamantaire. A key focus is to seek to build an optimised allocation which plays to the Sightholders core strengths, while supporting higher sustainable value for De Beers.