Rough Producers and Miners

For almost two decades, Gemdax has undertaken a wide range of projects for diamond miners and producers. Our clientele in this sector ranges from major mining companies with sizeable market positions, to up-and-coming junior miners. We have also done work for governments of rough producing countries and state-owned mining and distribution organisations.

What we do

Much of our work has been far-reaching, in-depth analysis tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. As an independent advisor with a finger on the pulse of the market, we bring fresh insights and unique perspectives to help our clients achieve their particular objectives.

In addition, our team has substantial and specialist experience in the diamond industry. We understand the ins and outs of the sector and, in particular, the issues and complexities faced by all stakeholders along the diamond pipeline.

This deep industry expertise and extensive knowledge, coupled with an attention to detail and strong analytical capabilities, allow us to create results-driven deliverables, including:

  • Price forecasting and modelling
  • Distribution strategy and model development
  • Market surveys, research and analysis
  • Industry intelligence
  • Risk analysis and response strategies to long-term industry threats
  • Performance benchmarking­
  • Value chain and pipeline analysis
  • Chain of warranty / hallmarking design and development