Financial Services

We advise various entities involved in financing or investing in the diamond industry, including major diamond banks, diamond funds, investment entities and other prospective investors from within and outside the diamond industry.

Our value proposition

As industry specialists, we have a profound understanding of every stage of the diamond pipeline. This allows us to provide unparalleled insight and clear guidance, whether a client is looking for transaction assistance, evaluating specific opportunities or scenario planning within the context of the diamond industry.

We help clients navigate this complex industry and gain clarity in this sometimes opaque sector by leveraging our:

  • in-depth industry knowledge
  • comprehensive understanding of key long-term and short-term change variables and value drivers
  • proprietary primary research
  • data-driven analysis

Banking, capital markets and other financial stakeholders

The supply of finance is central to the diamond industry. Mid-stream players rely on financing to fund their purchase of rough diamonds, and the entire pipeline is supported by credit financing. We have seen how precarious this structure can be when markets turn sour and major players hit financial difficulties. In the wake of the financial crisis, diamond banks have been reviewing their risk exposure and lending policies, and applying stricter controls. Many argue that some of the legacy banking practices are unsustainable and require reform.

At the same time, the diamond industry offers interesting opportunities for outside investors, both for new financiers and investors in assets. The diamond industry, historically insular in nature, is increasingly opening up to external markets.

What can we do for you?

Gemdax combines strong financial knowledge, data-driven analysis and proprietary primary research with an intimate understanding of the industry to deliver work for both diamond companies and financial sector entities.

We can:

  • Advise diamond banks on changing pipeline dynamics, how this influences their lending activities, and provide input on how the banking industry might adapt current practices.
  • Provide financial institutions and external investors with a comprehensive view of the industry structure and pipeline dynamics. We help examine investment opportunities and compatibility in the context of their diversified portfolio requirements.
  • Make recommendations to private equity firms and potential investors on the purchase of specific diamond assets.
  • Provide financial modelling and forecasting which consider industry-specific modalities and include industry benchmarked data. Applications range from valuations to credit assessment and project feasibility analysis.
  • Structure transactions. By leveraging our experience and expertise, particularly in the financial services sector, we can help structure transactions that balance stakeholder value with working capital requirements and other considerations.
  • Deliver industry insight. Gemdax is uniquely positioned to provide industry insight to financial institutions and potential investors, including funds and investment houses. We help organisations better understand the industry, and gain knowledge on its detailed workings, as well as keep them abreast of market developments.