Our Philosophy

As professional and independent consultants, we assist our clients with complex issues. We take our role seriously and constantly strive to help our clients build value, improve performance, tackle challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. A common philosophy underpins everything we do at Gemdax. Our approach to business and our core values are aimed at ensuring sustained success for both us and our clients.

Our approach

Our service proposition focuses on adding value to our clients and providing an exceptional customer experience. We take pride in being a trusted advisor and constantly seek to deliver excellence, impact and insight through our approach, which encompasses:

Specialist knowledge – Gemdax has been operating in the diamond sector for almost two decades. In this time, we have experienced first-hand the changing diamond landscape and built up substantial and comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Working and interacting with players spanning the entire diamond value chain has further bolstered our understanding of the issues and challenges facing the diamond sector today. This strong domain knowledge and wealth of expertise means that Gemdax hits the ground running, delivering incisive perspectives, effective insights, balanced views and results-driven advice from day one of the engagement. Gemdax is perfectly placed to assist anyone looking for in-depth information or expert advice about the diamond sphere.

Understanding of supply chain complexities – We have undertaken extensive and detailed work for stakeholders throughout the diamond supply chain, including rough producers, miners, midstream players and financiers. Through this wide range of in-depth assignments, Gemdax has garnered thorough insight into how each stage of the pipeline functions, and witnessed how different components within the supply chain interact with each other. Gemdax has a profound understanding of the factors that drive value, and how synergies can be achieved across the production chain. This makes us an effective and valuable business advisor and allows us fulfil our objective of bringing new perspectives and creative solutions to our clients.

Data-driven analysis – Gemdax’s focus on data-driven analysis, precision and depth of research sets us apart. Our strong analytical capabilities and expertise ensure that our clients have critical insight and incisive analysis that they can utilise to make decisions that generate results and create value. This is coupled with Gemdax’s proprietary research, intelligence, data, and modelling or forecasting tools, which have been developed and honed over the years. Not only do we provide our clients with information and tools relevant to them, we also deliver crucial opinions, support and guidance to help them interpret and deploy the information to their advantage.

Collaborative and tailored solutions – We believe in forging close, collaborative relationships and fostering value-adding interactions with our clients. Because we invest in our clients and are fully committed to their success, we deliver results-driven solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We adopt a hands-on approach to our work, always taking the time to understand our clients, their businesses, motivations and objectives. Our goal is to add value in a real and sustainable manner, and understand that the best way to achieve this is by working side-by-side with our clients, partnering fully with them and building mutual trust and respect. And, in doing so, we cultivate deep and enduring client relationships.

Long-term and client-centric focus – By emphasising a long-term, client-centric approach, we put our clients’ interests first. In particular, everything we do is aimed at ensuring the continued and sustainable success of our clients. We truly believe that our future hinges on our clients’ successes and triumphs.

Our values

Our core values ensure that every member of the Gemdax team acts with unwavering professionalism, develops a strong sense of personal responsibility and is wholly committed to doing the best job possible, so that we, along with our clients, can grow and achieve success.

Integrity and confidentiality – Gemdax works hard to maintain a culture that values integrity and confidentiality in all we do. We adhere to strict policies regarding protection and non-disclosure of sensitive information to protect our clients’ commercial interests. We value above all else our role as a trusted advisor to our clients. We are constantly on our guard to protect our clients’ information and interests at all times. In addition, we strive to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all our dealings and interactions.

Commitment to excellence – At Gemdax, we are dedicated to excellence. We want our service offerings and deliverables to be the very best. For this reason, we constantly strive for improvement and emphasise learning and innovation. We work together as a team, leveraging each person’s individual strengths to raise the bar with each new assignment.

Open and diverse culture – Recognising that a company’s culture permeates all aspects of the business, Gemdax cultivates a strong internal climate of openness, inclusiveness and diversity. We encourage collaborative effort through open and honest communication.