Gemdax provides expert services and critical insight to all points of the diamond supply chain.
We specialise in research, analytics, strategy, finance and stakeholder management.


Using our in-depth industry expertise to provide insight and guidance, we help entities looking to finance or invest in the diamond sector capitalise on opportunities.


Gemdax performs far-reaching and in-depth analysis for diamond miners and producers, including governments of diamond producing countries and distribution organisations.


Gemdax's core values and approach to business focus on adding value to our clients.
We constantly strive to deliver excellence, impact and an exceptional customer experience.



Diamond industry consultants and analysts

Founded in 2000, Gemdax has risen to become a leading diamond industry consultancy firm, bringing together leadership, fresh perspectives, and a result-oriented approach. Combining broad, in-depth knowledge of the diamond sector with a data-driven mindset, Gemdax’s main specialties are research, analytics and analysis, strategy, finance and stakeholder management.

These specialties are unified through the organisation’s commitment to establishing competitive advantage in the changing diamond industry environment. Gemdax goes beyond classical consultancy through active involvement in the implementation of strategic recommendations for companies in the diamond supply chain.

Our clients include financial investors, government organisations, miners, diamond traders and manufacturers.