Our People

We recruit talent from outside the diamond industry and from around the world. Diversity is core to our approach and an important part of being effective for our clients.

Gemdax brings together individuals with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including finance, strategy, corporate governance, logistics, engineering and business administration. Between us, we have lived and worked all over the world. This helps us work effectively with the range of different cultures in the diamond industry today.

Our diverse team brings their creativity, problem-solving capabilities, analytical strength, precision, and strong ethics to Gemdax. We combine our full range of experience and skills with comprehensive knowledge of the diamond sector, gleaned from working closely with different stakeholders across the entire pipeline.

Susanna Chan

Susanna is a partner and co-founder of Gemdax. She has almost 20 years’ experience in management consulting and financial services. Her work focusses on analytics, application of statistical tools and financial methodologies. Projects include primary research studies, computer-generated behavioural simulations, corporate valuations and regression-driven analytics. Susanna divides her time between Europe and the Far East.

Prior to Gemdax, Susanna worked as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman, London office.  She specialised in financial services where she was involved in projects ranging from channel migration through to blue-sky strategy.

Susanna holds a Master of Science with distinction in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science, and a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Bristol.

Anish Aggarwal

Anish is a partner and co-founder of Gemdax, and has been involved in a variety of high-impact client projects across the diamond supply chain. His core areas of expertise are stakeholder management, financial structuring, distribution and marketing strategy and organisational change. He is also a recognised moderator and facilitator for working groups and conferences.

Prior to Gemdax, Anish worked in London as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman, where he focussed on strategy development for the financial services sector. Whilst there, he worked on a range of projects with major investment and retail banks.

Anish holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Lucy Rose

Lucy is a partner of Gemdax and joined the company in 2004. Her background is in process and systems design. This technical background provides strong analytical skills and the ability to present information and ideas in a clear and engaging manner. She is also highly creative and brings fresh and imaginative perspectives to her clients. Her primary areas of expertise are in industry forecasting, distribution and corporate strategy, process design and development of management tools.

Before joining Gemdax, Lucy worked as a project engineer for the civil engineering company Sinclair Knight Merz in Australia. She worked on major infrastructure projects in the transport sector, specialising in forecasting models, scenario modelling and analysis of survey data. She holds a degree in Systems Engineering from Brunel University in London.

Dwi Rostia

Dwi works across Gemdax’s business practices, with a particular focus on our broking practice. Her role includes Sight coordination, Best Practice Principles and other client services. Separately, Dwi also leads Gemdax’s creative work for clients from corporate rebranding through to the design of a wide range of communication materials for our client base.

Dwi previously worked as an independent consultant for an American consultancy providing analytical studies on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. She holds a master degree in communication studies at Vrije Universiteit Brussels, specialising in European media policy.

Janine Kwan

Janine works on a variety of consulting and advisory projects spanning the diamond supply chain. She also works with clients on financial reorganisation and systems change.

Prior to Gemdax, Janine spent 8 years as a corporate tax consultant with a big four accounting firm in Singapore and Luxembourg. She specialised in financial services, with a focus on the fund and investment management sector. She has advised on a range of local and international tax matters including tax planning and structuring, compliance, tax incentives, M&A, structured finance and bond transactions. In addition, she has been involved with internal consulting for a marketing and media firm in Belgium, helping to review business processes and improve operational efficiency. Janine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Bristol.